Retirement Planning- It's more than just money

Whenever we hear of retirement planning, what we generally infer is getting a financial plan that will make us financially independent after the age of 60. Though it does involve referring your financial adviser to help you manage your funds and investments, it does not limit to this only.

Take a look at your present life and wonder what makes it so beautiful, interesting and lively. You may come up with answers like- the lifestyle I follow or the sports I play or the art I practice or maybe the travel I do or even the friends & family I have. Now the biggest irony is that what all gives us pleasure today, we tend to leave them behind as we move towards an elder age. This is the reason why the age after 60 appears as a dome of solitude & boredom and most of the people are not able to enjoy it.

So let's plan retirement in a different way this time. Here are a few ingredients that you must add to your recipe of retirement!

Live your life in your style.
Our lifestyle is a very powerful tool. If we live our life, the way we want and like, life seems boundless while not being able to do that makes it unfree. So make your lifestyle a part of your post-retirement life. Plan your resources such a way that you are not dependent on anyone or anything to live as you like to.

Practice your hobbies & favourite past times.
Hobbies are something that keeps us young always. Give your hobbies a high priority in your retirement plan. In fact, you can plan your whole retirement around them. If you like painting, invest time in it, if music is your passion practice it or if you like any sport join a club where you can play it. You don't have to do these things to master them but to add excitement in your life and to make it interesting. Let your hobbies be the field to pursue in your post-retirement period.

Travel where you want to.
Nothing can change your regular air and water as greatly as travelling. One can travel at any age. There is no retirement age for exploring the world. Do plan trips to places you like or you enjoy to be at. While consulting your financial adviser, ask him/her to allocate some money for this purpose so that there come no barriers in your way whenever you decide to take a tour.

Join social groups.
The best way to feel fresh and rejuvenated is to meet people, talk to them and exchange thoughts. Become a part of some social groups or clubs. These groups help you connect with different people, participate in a variety of activities and programmes. This will keep you engaged, active and fresh and will keep your after retirement period far away from boredom.

So the next time you visit your personal financial advisor or your financial planning consultants, along with your financial statements and documents do not forget to take the list of your after 60 desires and plans and ask your financial planner to prepare a retirement plan around them. Be sure that will be the best plan you can ever have.

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