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Insurance: Are you covered?

Recently, I spoke to a IIT friend who wanted some advice about insurance. He had purchased an insurance policy in 2007 with the below features:
Sum assured for life insurance purpose = 10 lakh Annual Premium = 50,000 rupees Policy term = 21 years Money back amount of 21 lakh after paying the above premium for the policy term. 
This was the only insurance policy he had even though he earned very well. I was surprised by the highly inadequate cover he had and how much risk exposure he had. If this is the situation of highly educated persons, then what about the common man? Is insurance required or is it just wasteful expenditure? Are you covered for the risk that you are carrying? Read on, to find out.

 Insurance can sometimes seem counter-productive, especially if you’re paying premiums year after year and never making a claim.

Managed wisely, however, it can be a valuable partner in your long-term wealth creation plans, and guard against severe financial disadvantage if your circumsta…

7 tips to find the best Home Loan Or Mortgage

Searching for a home and buying it is indeed one of the biggest decisions of one's life and so is finding an optimal home loan or mortgage. You do not buy a home every day so the decision taken today will go with you for a long period of time and once taken, can not be easily reversed. Therefore it becomes very important for one to take a very smart, researched and sure decision while choosing a mortgage or its lender.
While going for a home loan there is a range of aspects and dimensions that are needed to be considered. Home loan interest rates are surely one of the important element but that's not all. One must take note of the terms, conditions, policies, reviews, goodwill, etc of the loan lender.
Choosing the right home loan and mortgage rate is something that requires a good amount of research, assurance, and clarification. Especially, if you are a first-time buyer you need to talk to a variety of people before your final pick. It would be best if you could talk to a pe…